Cake Mix Recipe 2

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What is a Moda Cake Mix? It’s a recipe for block parts that makes baking a Layer Cake quilt easier than ever. This unique triangle paper is designed to work in conjunction with Moda's 10" square Layer Cakes. Each tablet has 44 sheets and includes a few simple block and layout ideas – just add 1 or 2 Moda Layer Cakes.

Designed by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. for MODA

Required Ingredients: 1 Cake Mix + 1 Layer Cake + 1 solid Layer Cake (or 42 - 10" background squares, 3 1/8 yards.

Each recipe card + 2 - 10" squares yields 4 - 4" x 4" finished HTSs and 1 - 8" x 8" finished HTSs (half triangle squares)

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